Moss Mastery Club FAQ

  Moss Mastery Club

Are you ready for a challenge?
Are you ready to learn as many new things as you can?

Then, the Moss Mastery Club is for you!!

What is the Moss Mastery Club?
This is a club for students who are interested in learning more about this fabulous world of ours. It is a truly amazing place that elicits exploration and adventure. By joining the club you will be awed by the knowledge gained and intriguied by the facts that make this world so totally amazing.

Who can join the Moss Mastery Club?
Everyone!! Becoming a mastery club member is optional and voluntary. You may be a mastery club member for as little or as much of the year as you would like. The mastery club is designed to be a challenge above and beyond the normal everyday curriculum. This means that this work is in addtion to your normal classroom studies. It should not take priority over homework or extra practice needed to master grade level standards.

Why join the Moss Mastery Club?
This is your chance to go above and beyond, to seek out new knowledge at every turn, to reach for the stars, and to become a Moss Mastery Club Hall of Famer! That's right! You can join the Moss Mastery Hall of Fame!!

To become a proud, life-long learner and life-long member of the Hall of Fame, you must answer at least 15 challenges correctly during the school year. The more challenges you master, the more classroom rewards you will earn! Additionally, each correctly answered challenge from 1 to 115 will earn you 10 extra classroom reward tickets (bucks)! Everyone who participates in the Moss Mastery Club at anytime this year will earn a special certificate at the end of the year, proudly displaying your individual achievements.

Also each time you pass a Mastery Club Hall of Fame level you will earn an extra 20 classroom reward tickets (bucks)

Bronze Level 1-20 (Answer 15 and you will be in the Hall of Fame and earn extra bucks! Then again when you complete 20!)
Silver Level   21-42
Gold Level    43-64
Platinum Level 65-86
Diamond Level 87-115 and beyond

What happens after you reach Diamond level? You get the special privilege of helping us research and create new Kid-Created Questions to add to our Mastery Club charts

Woo Hoo! I'm In! How do I get started?
Choose a topic from the challenge list, listed HERE, and get started learning!! You may work on any challenge. You do not need to do them in any specific order. Mrs. Smart or Mrs. Coleman will keep track of which challenges you have already completed.

Now that you've picked a challenge, start researching. You may work on your challenges at home or at school if all other work is complete.

Students must memorize the Mastery Club item (therefore, actually learning and retaining the new knowledge). They can, however, take notes while researching and use the notes to quiz each other or to be quizzed at home. But when you are ready to take the actual challenge, you must have your response memorized.

When you are ready to take a challenge, just come up to Mrs. Smart or Mrs. Coleman before school, after school, or duing work time when your other work is finished and sign up. If you pass, you will earn a sticker AND classroom tickets!! If you don't pass, you are welcome to try again the next school day or for as many days as you would like until you pass!

Now, grab your thinking caps and set off exploring new worlds and discover new facts and a desire to always keep learning by joining the Moss Mastery Club today!!!

Caution!!! This club is ONLY for students wishing to get smarter, go above and beyond, impress their teacher, their parents, and their classmates!!!

Thank you to Mrs. Renz of Redmond, Oregon for creating this wonderful idea and graciously allowing us to adapt it and use it within our classrooms!